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Monday, June 27, 2022
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Thoughts Behind the Creation of WorldLightASP.com
Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2008

The WorldLightASP project was initially conceived as a serious of AJAX enabled controls an "Application Service Provider" site that regular people could use to add functionality to their websites.

As a developer many of these things were easy for me to do but difficult for the general public. I always thought there should be a way for the average small business owner to create a website or a blog. There have been so many times where I'd hear a story about a company that hired a web developer who abandoned them mid project, or after project launch leaving them stranded. I suspect that this behavior of the industry will be the motive force behind the movement of small business from hiring individuals to buying aggregated services.

The WorldLightASP project is in its infancy and still it provides many of the tools that small businesses require of a simple website. Content management, blogs, calendars, photo albums and newsletters.

Websites like Blogger and word press currently prevail however, with the premium on web traffic it won't be long before consumers tire of redirecting the majority of their revenue generating traffic to other websites just to read a blog.

WorldLightASP lets you create a blog and then display it on your own website; a simple yet revolutionary idea.

The WorldLightASP project was made with the average consumer in mind. Check it out today.